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Lead Staff

Eric Chaplick
Director, Boelter Chicago

Randy Zweiban
Executive Chef

Patrick Mangan
Chicago Superstore Manager




Brand new to the city of Chicago, the Boelter Event Center is a one-of-a-kind rentable loft space. The brainchild of the Boelter Companies and Chef Randy Zweiban, the facility sits above the new Boelter SuperStore on Goose Island. Featuring a plethora of the latest in commercial foodservice equipment and supplies for chefs and home cooks alike, it was a natural progression to add an exclusive events center above the kitchenware showroom. At first, the Boelter Companies planned to host cooking classes and menu testing events. However, because of the beauty and adaptability of the space, it was quickly determined that it should be available for any event, from small presentations or large cocktail receptions and beyond.

The Boelter Companies was founded back in 1929 when Fred W. Boelter began selling bar and janitorial supplies to taverns and rooming houses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, 88 years later, it is still a family run business, having expanded into multiple divisions within the foodservice and beverage industries. 


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